Hi, I'm Matthieu.
I leverage web technologies to do good.
I have been involved in web development for over a decade, mostly on open source stacks, which I regularly contribute to. These days, you can find me on the PCT in Berlin. This is what I am doing now.

As the CTO of a parisian communication agency for 6 years, I led the production of web based projects and supported the on-going development and professionalisation of the team. I helped architect and build the web properties of companies and multinational corporations in a wide variety of sectors, including arts, insurance, travel, property management, automobile, construction and oil.

Over the years, I got involved in a wide range of activities, including producing estimates, specifications, implementing technical solutions, delivering on-site trainings, code reviews, audits, R&D, prototyping, customer on-boarding and support, hiring employees and selecting vendors, spec'ing out server architectures, performing security and performance reviews and more.

At the organisational level, I worked towards improving the quality of our production environnement through cultural shifts, in an effort to create a resilient team sharing values of collaboration and constant improvement. This resulted in the introduction of collaborative tools and practices, streamlining the production process and opening it up to the whole team. New paradigms were gradually adopted through strong and visible commitments, like dedicating half a day per week to self-conducted experimenting sessions.

In the past I have been a content management engineer for Sun Microsystems, near London.

I played percussion instruments for over 10 years including 4 mallet marimba, xylophone, timpani and drums.

I led a volunteer project to collect and ship computers to Senegal, and delivered there a two weeks computer science fundamentals course.

Years ago, I embarked on a journey to maximise productivity that went full circle and led me to gradually let go of that idea altogether (almost). I am now turning my attention towards more holistic approaches and like to see myself as a minimalist.

Today, my focus is on the non-profit world, and in the broader sense people and organizations whose aim is to do good and be of help, like this one, and more recently that one. If you share similar interests, please drop me a line!