Hi, I'm Matthieu.
I leverage web technologies to do good.
I have been involved in web development for over a decade, mostly on open source stacks, which I regularly contribute to. These days, I enjoy writing code and sometimes words. This is what I am doing now.

In the past I have been a content management engineer for Sun Microsystems, CTO of a Parisian corporate communication agency and CTO of a non-profit organisation using digital media training to address social issues.

I led a volunteer project to collect and ship computers to Senegal, and delivered there a two weeks course on computer science fundamentals.

Years ago, I embarked on a journey to maximise productivity that went full circle and led me to gradually let go of that idea altogether (almost). I am now turning my attention towards more holistic approaches and like to see myself as a minimalist.

Today, my focus is on people and organisations whose aim is to do good and be of help, currently Our World in Data and Développement et Santé. If you share similar interests, please drop me a line!